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KDE people meet at FISL in Brazil
Last week there was an important free software event in Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil: the 5th FISL (Fórum Internacional de Software Livre) took place for 4 days. A couple of KDE developers used this forum to meet each other and give some talks.

Most of them used to communicate themselves using IRC and e-mail, and this was a great opportunity to know more about each other. Among them were Gustavo Boiko, Helio Castro, Huberto Mayer, Josef Spillner, Lisiane Teixeira, Mário Ferreira, Martin Konold, Roberto Teixeira and Thiago Macieira.

Some of them gave some talks too: Beside some demo and hacking activity, work on a brazilian portuguese translation and update of the KDE 2.0 Development Book was announced, as well as the availability of new Hotstuff components as part of KDE's Get Hot New Stuff concept.

See you all at next year's FISL!
Some Photos
KDE booth
Crowded booth
Martin Konold
Helio and Gustavo
Josef Spillner